Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photo's Available

Ok, so it took some time, and who am I kidding, I'm not really done, but I finally got some pictures loaded up. Please have a look over at my Yahoo! Photos section.

Monday, June 26, 2006

CompUSA Rocked my world!

OK, so the other day CompUSA had an online sale, which advertised a rather impressive 250GB SATA harddrive for $79.99 after the various rebates. Not bad I tell myself, and decided to make the purchase. Not being completely aware of my surrondings (I did just have a newborn :) ) I failed to recognize that this was an online ONLY sale. I completed my purchase and selected store pick-up to close out the invoice at $139.99 and some tax... wow... oops...

So I decied that being that it was my own fault, I would simply ask to return item, and advise that I would just make the same purchase but follow the online rules...

I showup at CompUSA store, receipt in hand, and with a humble heart preparing to ask for a refund. Straight to the customer service desk where I proceed to ask about pickup and begin to explain my slight dilema. The rather friendly assistance explained that the website is sometimes vague, and lacks detail, but that many had already complained about the same sale. I quickly mentioned that I certainly wasn't complaining and had just failed to realize the design of the sale. This is where CompUSA begins to rock my world.

The assistant (did I mention she was friendly) advised that they would be happy to honor the online price, as adertised, and there weren't any problems with the in-store pickup. Now I know I know, nothing special so far, right... well just wait. So off she (lets call her Alice) goes to retrieve my drive, and promptly returns with a 250GB drive, unfortunately its for a Parallel ATA drive. Alice quickly comments that the SATA 250GB is out of stock, and asked (not implied) if I would be interested in this one? I explained that I wasn't looking for another PATA drive, specifically because my motherboard wouldn't accept any more connections (honest truth). Alice, being the friendly and supportive assistance she is, understood, and quickly returned to the back to try and track down the correct drive.

As some time had passed, other CompUSA reps had come and attempted to help me, I simply explained that I was happily waiting on Alice to return. A few minutes later she does, drive in hand. At the desk I begin to look over the drive, and wait... no .. I'm sorry this drive isn't it either, its a 300GB SATA. She looked at me, and said that she knew it was indeed the larger drive, but that the 250GB drive could not be located, and asked if I would be willing to accept their apology and an extra 50GB... let me think about that for a moment... yea, I think I can do that. She explained that the drives were priced the same, but that the 250GB was the one advertised. As she begins to ring it up, she stops and a very brief 'shoot' comes out. I knew it was too good to be true, its not gonna happen, I quickly state 'It's OK, I can wait for delivery from the online channel'. Alice just as quickly replies that the 300GB drive doesn't have an available rebate. Again, since everything up to this has been my mistake, I quite simply state, again, that its not a big deal, and I'll just wait.

About the same time Alice and I are talking a rather stern looking manager comes by, and asks if he could be of assistance, lets call him Bob. Alice explains to Bob the situation, and he just as quickly says... "Fix it." I look at Bob, and am awed that he took the moment to make my day better by not having me jump through any hoops.

Alice continues the check-out process and I (still being a bit skeptical) remember the rebate. I quick grab Bob, and explain my little problem, how will I submit a rebate for the wrong item, its sure to get rejected. He smiles. I like it when people smile at me... it makes me smile back. "Sir, I think you misunderstood. We will cover the rebate, you can leave today with the drive, at the advertised price." I was floored, simply floored. "I don't have to submit any claim?" "Nope." Excuse me while I pickup my jaw from the floor. I grab Bob's shake it firmly, and say a very sincere "Thankyou".

I won't share the store location, or the individual's real names as I certainly wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble, but I can say this. They made my day. Not only did Alice resolve my 'online order only' issue, but Bob added the ice-cream when he made the deal good on the larger drive.

In this day of lack of good customer service, I just wanted to share an awesome story. Kudos CompUSA!

-nuff said

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is me and my newborn son, Herbert Officer, ... lets just call him George for now.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Things remembered ...

I've been reminiscing over the last couple of days about a particular game that was in development, but that has since past us by, and fallen into a 'lapse' so to speak.

Parsec is a free, multi-player space based combat simulator. Unfortunately, the developers were unable to complete, and they released it to the public, playable, and LAN ready, but Internet play was never enabled.

As part of the development, the authors recruited Stefan Poiss to create the wonderful music associated with the game. Stefan's website, Mind in a Box, along with some samples, can be reached here, http://www.mindinabox.com.

Enjoy the music, the game, and life. The rest will follow...


Friday, December 31, 2004

So I've been reading quite a bit on various websites discussing the devastation in Sri Lanka, and all I can say is, "WOW" ! ...

I found a site that has some updated information, hope everyone, who can, will contribute to the relief fund.

--nuff said for now...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine!

So the other day, this really strange thing happened to me...

I always wanted to say something like that ... and then just trail off into another topic. Nothing strange happened, just another day at the office. So today is the first day of the rest of my blogs life. Wow. Soon there will be more here, but at the moment this is it. Gonna go eat dinner, will post something profound later.